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1. During World War 1, which nation had the highest casualty rate per 1000 men enlisted?

  • England.

  • Australia.

  • New Zealand.

  • Canada.

2. Who was the 'Wallace' of the Aborigines?

  • Pigeon.

  • Tommy Winditch.

  • Yagan.

  • Midgigeroo.

3. According to the latest research, who was the first person to draw up plans for a pipeline to Kalgoorlie?

  • John Forrest

  • Charles Yelverton Oconnor.

  • Nathaniel White Harper.

  • H Wittal Venn.

4. After Perth, what is Western Australia's largest town / city?

  • Bunbury

  • Albany

  • Carnarvon

  • Geraldton

5. The oldest continuously living thing(s) in W.A. is / are:

  • Meelup Mallee tree

  • Stromatilites

  • King Jarrah tree

  • The Bi-Centennial tree

6. Western Australia was first claimed by:

  • The British in 1827

  • The French in 1772

  • The Dutch in 1696

  • The Portuguese in 1602

7. The worlds largest rock is:

  • Ayres Rock (Uluru) (a monolith)

  • Mount Augustus (a monocline)

  • Mount Rushmore

  • Mount Everest

8. What is the highest town in W.A.?

  • Wyndham

  • Kalgoorlie

  • Tom Price

  • Kalamunda

9. The only colony of white swans in W.A. can be found in:

  • Northam

  • Northampton

  • York

  • Brookton

10. Iron ore was first exported to Japan from:

  • Port Hedland

  • Dampier

  • Karratha

  • Geraldton

11. The town with the greatest number of sunny days per year (on average) is:

  • Onslow

  • Kalgoorlie

  • Halls Creek

  • Wyndham

12. Which explorer was also a pirate?

  • Phillip Parker King

  • William Dampier

  • John Septimus Roe

  • Augustus Gregory

13. Which of the following is true:

  • W.A. has the highest standard of housing in the world

  • W.A. has the highest number of cars (per capita) in the world

  • W.A. has the greatest amount of road space (per capita) in the world

  • All of the above

14. Payable gold was first found at:

  • Coolgardie

  • Kalgoorlie

  • Halls Creek

  • Paynes Find

15. Which of the following is not native to W.A.?

  • Grey kangaroo

  • Kookaburra

  • Thorny devil

  • Numbat

16. The largest open cut mine in the world is:

  • Whaleback at Newman

  • Super Pit at Kalgoorlie

  • Panawonica

  • Paraburdoo

17. When the ship Emma sank off Point Cloates it is believed that the passengers and crew died from:

  • Drowning

  • Shark attacks

  • Being eaten by cannibals

  • All of the above

18. The town that has been struck by more cyclones than any other in W.A. is:

  • Karratha

  • Wyndham

  • Port Hedland

  • Onslow

19. Which town was named after a horse?

  • Derby

  • Norseman

  • Augusta

  • Laverton

20. Which town has the highest number of days (on average) under 40 degrees celcius?

  • Augusta

  • Albany

  • Busselton

  • All of the above

21. Which explorer never lost a man in the outback?

  • John Forrest

  • Edward Eyre

  • Ernest Giles

  • Ludwig Leichardt

22. Which of the following items CANNOT be brought into W.A.?

  • Cooked vegetables

  • Small quantities of cut up fruit

  • Honey

  • Peeled onions

23. Dangerous esturine crocodiles have now spread at least as far west as?

  • Port Hedland

  • Karratha

  • Dampier

  • Exmouth

24. Western Australia's faunal emblem is a?

  • Kangaroo

  • Wombat

  • Black swan

  • Potteroo

25. In an emergency you can summon help by dialling?

  • 000

  • 999

  • 911

  • All of the above

26. When testing bush tucker for edibility it is important to:

  • Eat only what you see birds and animals eating

  • Avoid plants and fruit that have a peach or almond flavour

  • Find a food source that tastes good and stick to that only

  • Make sure you eat plenty of food even if your water is running out

27. Which people (apart from Aborigines) are thought to be the first to visit West Australian waters:

  • Chinese

  • Dutch

  • Portugese

  • French

28. What is the oldest European settlement in W.A.:

  • Perth

  • Augusta

  • Albany

  • Fremantle

29. What is the longest river in W.A.:

  • Gascoyne

  • Swan

  • Murray

  • Fortescue

30. Different Aboriginal groups are defined by:

  • Language

  • Initiation rights

  • Cultural beliefs

  • All of the above

31. Western Australia's state boundaries were finalised in what year

  • 1831

  • 1859

  • 1900

  • 1911

32. Who was Western Australia's first Premier?

  • James Stirling

  • Alexander Forrest

  • John Forrest

  • Carmen Lawerence

33. Who was the first European explorer credited with stepping ashore in Western Australia?

  • Williem Jansz

  • Heinrich Claesz

  • Dirk Hartog

  • William Dampier

34. If you are bitten by a snake you should:

  • Kill the snake so it can be identified

  • Cut the bite site and suck out the poison

  • Place a constricting bandage on the limb

  • All of the above

35. The largest fish in the world swims in W.A.'s waters. It is known as a:

  • Whale shark

  • Great white shark

  • Blue whale

  • Sun fish

36. Who was responsible for the amalgamation of leases that led to the development of the Super Pit in Kalgoorlie?

  • Brian Bourke

  • Peter Dowding

  • Richard Court

  • Alan Bond

37.According to the latest research what does 'kangaroo' actually  mean?

  • Dead animal

  • Large marsupial that jumps around

  • That looks like dinner

  • I dont understand

38.What famous West Australian named his daughter after a town north of Perth?

  • Rolf Harris

  • Bob Hawke

  • Dennis Lillie

  • Lang Hancock

39.The third oldest capital city in Australia is:

  • Adelaide

  • Perth

  • Brisbane

  • Darwin

40.The first Governor, James Stirling, wanted to call Perth:

  • Dalrymple

  • Westralia

  • Hesperia

  • New Edinburgh

41.What ship first brought settlers to the Swan River Colony?

  • Sulphur

  • Parmelia

  • Challenger

  • Amity

42.What year were convicts first transported to W.A.?

  • 1832

  • 1840

  • 1850

  • 1855

43.Which town in W.A. was once known as Newcastle?

  • Northam

  • York

  • Midland

  • Toodyay

44.Which explorer is credited with naming Australia?

  • Mathew Flinders

  • Captain Cook

  • William Dampier

  • Nicolas Baudin

45.When the independent sovereign state of Hutt River Province declared war on Australia in 1977 how long did the state of war last?

  • One Month

  • A fortnight

  • A week

  • Two days

46.Who was the first West Australian born person to be raised to the British peerage?

  • Edith Cowan

  • John Forrest

  • Emma Withnell

  • Tommy Windich

47.What was the name of the ship Captain Stirling first sailed to the Swan River?

  • Challenger

  • Parmelia

  • Sulphur

  • Success

48.What is Western Australia's fossil emblem?

  • Gogo fish

  • Diprotodon

  • Megasaurus

  • Australopithicus

49.The world's largest whale rescue took place near which town?

  • Margaret River

  • Cowaramup

  • Augusta

  • Busselton

50.Which Australian Prime Minister had an uncle who was Premier of W.A.?

  • Bob Hawke

  • John Curtin

  • Alfred Deakin

  • Billy Hughes

51.According to the best current research who has the best claim as the discoverer of Australia?

  • Captain Cook

  • Williem Janszoon

  • Dirk Hartog

  • Binot Paulmier De Gonneville

52.The most westerly town in W.A. is?

  • Augusta

  • Geraldton

  • Denham

  • Exmouth

53.The oldest inland town in W.A. is?

  • Northam

  • York

  • Pinjarra

  • Toodyay

54.How many bridges are there over the Swan River (as of 2008)?

  • Fourteen

  • Fifteen

  • Eighteen

  • Twenty

55.What area of the wheat belt was the first to be settled by Europeans?

  • Katanning

  • Mullewa

  • Avon Valley

  • Moora

56.May Gibbs, author of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie lived in what W.A. town?

  • Collie

  • Harvey

  • York

  • Northam

57.What sport was first played in W.A. in 1885?

  • Soccer

  • Cricket

  • Rugby

  • Australian Rules Football

58.W.A. has a span of border that runs east - west, how long is it?

  • 500 metres

  • 155 metres

  • 127 metres

  • It has no east - west section




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