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There are several different type of pages on this website and this page is here to help you learn about them and find out the different features of each.




In order to try and make this page a bit more relevant there are some help videos on the way that might help a bit more than just a static webpage that gets out of date very quickly. This first help video is all about our Town Pages.






These pages cover all sorts of topics that are outside the scope of Town Pages. They may be about an interesting location, about flora and fauna, about Aussie Slang, you name it, these pages cover it. Some have tabs similar to the Town Pages where you can click to find out more but most are just straight forward information pages.

The header section of these pages operates in the same way as the Town Pages so there is no need to explain all that again.


Place or Subject Page


If these pages include information on a campsite or day use area then they may have a series of icons showing things like tents, caravans, toilets etc. If you hover your cursor over each of these icons then the system will supply more information on each one.


Scrolling down the Place Page


As you scroll down the Place Page you will find the section that contains the bulk of information.

This is similar to the Description section on a Town Page and may contain some of the same options.


Video section


If a video clip is available for the page you are viewing, then it will generally be included at the end of, or toward the end of the text section of the page. It really helps us out if you subscribe to our YouTube channel and there will be a link beneath each video to help you do that.


Map on Place Page


If the page is about a place in W.A. then there will be a map included that indicates where it is located.

The mapping section is produced by Google.

There may also be a small table that indicates the best time of year to visit the place you are viewing.

A red box indicates a bad month to visit and a green box indicates a good one.

If the site is a National Park then there will also be a link to the National Park website for more information.




Biography Pages


Biography pages are different to most other pages in that they are a main page but they are designed to pop-up over the top of other pages.

This only happens if you get to a Biography Page from one of our internal links. If you come in from a search engine then they just load and pressing the 'Close this window' button does not operate.


Biography Page Detail


Biography Pages are about people who were in some way influential in Western Australia's history.


Biography Page Chronology


In order to make searching for facts easier for students, there is a chronology page at the bottom of most Biography pages that details the major events in people's lives.

below that there are also links to other biography pages so that you can find out more information from other sources.




Blog Pages


Blog Pages are detailed accounts of the research journeys we undertake to collect information and pictures for this website.

We include this information so that we can pass on information about the areas we travel through that may be of some use to others who intent to travel through the same areas.

The menu section at the top of each Blog Page (where the arrow is pointing) is scrollable, so you can scroll down to find the latest trips.

There are also a few pages on overseas trips. These have nothing to do with the theme of this website but some people travelling overseas might find something useful in them.




Campsite Review Pages


Campsite Reviews happen when we visit a new campsite or caravan park BUT you should always remember that this can be a bit out-of date as we are only infrequently in some areas of the state.

Hopefully even the out of date reviews will help you to find out useful information about a site but please remember that fees and facilities may change since the last time we visited.




Feature Pages


Feature Pages are usually about a specific attraction that we have visited. They include information we have gathered about the attraction plus a link to the official website and sometime a link to a picture galley about the attraction.


Picture Gallery Pages


Picture Galleries are used to display large numbers of photographs about a certain topic. The initial screen shows a series of thumbnails that you can click on to view the full sized image.

To dismiss a full sized image simply click on it and it will dispensary. Galleries may also include a Pinterest button to help you save any pictures you like to your Pinterest page.




Home Page


The Home Page is meant to be the place where everyone starts their journey through this website. Of course the internet doesn't work that way and visitors can start their exploration anywhere they find a subject that interests them.

If you want to see the website the way it was designed to be seen, then heading to the Home Page will get you started.




Subject Pages


Subject pages are a way (besides searching) that you can quickly find pages on a topic you are interested in.

If it starts with an 'A' just click the 'A' on the Home Page or on the Main Index on any Subject Page.

The green left and right arrows on Subject Pages will take you to the previous / next letter in the alphabet. The little flashing green house will take you to the Home Page.





The Sitemap Page should contain links to every other page on this website. That is the theory anyway.

It is a quick way for you to browse through all the information we have on here.




Random Tour Page


If you are bored and want to explore this site at random then just visit the Random Tour Page.

Clicking on the Random Tour icon will pick a page on this site at random and show it to you. If the subject doesn't interest you then head back and click again to try another page.

It probably won't be long before you find something to keep you entertained for a while.

One thing to remember on this website is, if it is underlined, then it is a link and clicking on it will show you something new.





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