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Western Australia Now and Then has been developing quietly since 1997 when it started life as a printed guide to Western Australia. In 2009 the website was launched with the aim of increasing the accessibility of all sorts of information about W.A.


In the same year the website was launched it was nominated by the State Library of Western Australia as a site of 'national significance' and since then has been archived by the National Library of Australia three times.


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Western Australia Now and Then is receiving over 16 million hits a year and is accessed by people all over the world looking for information on W.A. Some people are looking for places to stay, others are looking for places to see, others are looking for historical information and yet others are looking for useful information about thousands of different topics. All these areas are comprehensively covered by this website.


Businesses offering accommodation (caravan parks, motels and hotels) in W.A. are being included on the website in the various towns where they operate. The name of the business, a website link and a phone number are included FREE. If you operate this type of business then please visit the town page appropriate to you and check that your business is listed and that the details are correct.


If you are not currently listed or your details need updating then please contact wanowandthen on and let us have your latest information. Please remember that these links and details are included on the site FREE of charge with no obligation of any kind.


Significant tourist attractions such as Whale World in Albany, Caversham Wildlife Park and the Aviation Heritage Museum are invited to participate in a series of feature pages. We visit the attraction, film and take stills photos and produce these pages, again totally free of charge.



Latest figures show an average of over 2 MILLION HITS a month
Averaging over 1.3 million hits a month.


While our primary objective is education we do have a secondary objective of promoting Western Australia to the world as a MUST VISIT tourist destination. In order to accomplish this we need vast quantities of visual and contextual information.


We travel to remote towns and localities in order to research new information and get new images to include on the website. The site is funded by advertisers who use online marketing programs, by affiliate advertisers and by direct content matched adverts being placed on the site.


Our demographic is very wide, encompassing school children who use the site for research, working age people who are interested in places to go, places to stay and many associated topics and retirees who are primarily interested in travel.


Currently over 80% of our visitors are Australian. Our platform offers a unique niche marketing opportunity for any business in regional W.A. As well as providing a broad base for large state wide and national businesses.


There is nothing currently on the internet related to Western Australia that even remotely comes close to the scope and depth we are providing.


If you would like to become involved with as a paying advertiser, as a source of information or pictures or if you just enjoy looking through the vast amount of information we have available, we would love to hear from you with your thoughts on the website.


Advertising is based on a set fee of 50c per click through to your website and the minimum spend is just $25. Click the link to more details below.


If you would like to talk to us about placing an advertisement then please email to the address below. Please note that there are a limited number of adverts we will accept for each page so if you want to secure your position then get in early.


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Marc Glasby


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