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There are so many great West Aussie websites, Facebook pages and YouTube channels now, that it is hard to keep track of them all. We are trying to put together a list of the best ones so you know where to go for great local information. If you know of any that we have missed please send us an email (above) so we can add them to this list.

What we are looking for are great websites, Facebook pages and YouTube channels that are being created by individuals and that really are interesting places to visit. We have a list of more formal links to W.A. websites on our main links page so the ones we list here are more individual creations that are the best in their category plus a few newbies that we think deserve a bit more attention..

Our apologies to sites that include lots of information about other states but this is mostly a W.A. only zone.

The list isn't in any particular order but newer additions are at the top.

Western Australia Now and Then

Well since we are plugging YouTube channels, we figured we might as well start with our own :)

We cover EVERYTHING W.A. from towns, to campsites, interesting places, tourist attractions, folklore and anything else we can think of that we think you might find interesting.

As we spend a lot of time travelling we also include videos on our travels, the gear we use and the different ways of travelling this huge state.

We love our home state and do everything we can to show it off to the rest of the world.

Even though we have a huge number of videos (720+ at last count) we remain one of the smaller channels in terms of subscribers. If you want to help us out them please subscribe and help us grow.



- - - - - - - - - -


Rusty's Outback Adventures

More interesting W.A. content here.

Quite a few different videos to check out here including trip videos, gear reviews and installations.

Even some videos on gold prospecting which is something we have always thought about doing.




Cheets, Out & About

Some really interesting W.A. content on this channel.

Some more remote spots and some less but all inteesting and some great places to find orchids (one of our favourite pasttimes in spring.)



Peter Hewitson

Although we have only just doscovered Peter's channel, it has been around for three years and has a ton of great local content.

It deserves way more subscribers and this is one we really recommend that you hop on to, have a look around and subscribe if you like what you see,



Timmy's Tours

A really interesting channel that could grow into something pretty awesome. Hope to see this one start to grow. Hop on over and subscribe and give it a bit of support.



Doug Hardman

Yet another channel that took us ages to find. Great content and a heap of places in W.A. we are yet to explore ourselves. Nicely filmed and edited with interesting historic info thrown in.



Mad Dog Adventures

Don't be put off by the name, this is a great channel featuring a heap of West Australian content. We think it deserves a lot more attention so why not hop over, have a look around, and if you like what you see, give it a sub and some likes.



The Dusty Box

An amazing collection of stories from all over Western Australia. A really good read for anyone interested in the sort of stories that are often lost with time. The effort and dedication put in to collecting and researching these tales is remarkable.

Essentially a travel blog it is predominantly about Western Australia that includes a lot of detail about our great state.



Making Tracks 4x4

A 4x4 adventure channel with some interesting content. Not a huge channel but one we think is worth having a look at.

Any channel under 1000 subscribers isn't going to get paid by YouTube so those in our list you would like to help out, feel free to subscribe to them as until they hit the magic 1k subs mark, they aren't getting anything back for all the hard work they do making videos.

(The channel appears to be on a bit of a break at the moment.)



Epic Drives Western Australia.

The title of this one pretty much explains it all, great drives in W.A. and a lot of content to view.

With some reviews and how-to videos thrown in to the mix, this is one channel we enjoy watching on a regular basis.

(The channel appears to be on a bit of a break at the moment.)



Cruising WA

Probably the newest channel on our list and only a few videos so far. They describe the channel as:

"Everything outdoors in Western Australia from camping adventures to mountain biking, fishing to hiking. Stay tuned for many more videos to come!! Please like and subscribe to promote the channel."



Sarah and Keelan Travels

A 4x4, a caravan and a sense of adventure. That seems to sum this channel up nicely.

This is a fairly new channel and will feature travels around Australia as they begin their 'big lap'.

Conetnt is being regularly uploaded so this will be one to watch. Subscribe now and don't miss anything.



On The Road with John

This is one of my personal favourites as John and his family visit a lot of the places we go to ourselves.

Adventure travel, caravanning, camping and a lot more can be found here and we think this channel deserves way more subs, so hop on and click that 'subscribe' button to show your support.



Trip In A Van - RoadTrip Australia Series

A channel all about 4x4 and caravanning around Australia. There is enough W.A. content to justify including it on our list and it is certainly one of the bigger more popular channels.



Bush Rats

Lots of camping and freshwater fishing on this channel with a healthy dose of 4x4 driving thrown in.

These guys are to blame for my recent purchase of a fishing kayak as their fishing exploits in the south west rivers got me thinking about trying it myself.

So far I haven't had any success but the more I watch this channel, the more determined I am to catch some redfin and maybe a trout or two.



Westralian Offroad

Only about 12 months old (at the time of writing) but already some great 4x4 content and looks like a channel that will continue to grow.

Features some great campsites and places to visit so it is one channel we do recommend you sub to in order not to miss out on new videos.



Black Spot Aqua

A very new channel that seems to be mostly boating and fishing related.

Not a lot of content yet but check it out and give them some support.

We know how tough it is to get notced on the YouTube platform so we love to try and help out new channels that are just getting started.



Shoey's Adventures

This channel has been around a long time and these days is mostly about 4x4s and off road adventures.

If you go back through the years you will also find some videos featuring motorbikes.

There is an absolute ton of content here and the channel certainly deserves many more subscribers.



Wild Touring

One of the faster growing W.A. channels, Wild Touring is mostly a family oriented channel with a lot of 4x4 adventure content, reviews and tips and tricks.

There is a lot of great content here and we have been subscribed for quite a long time.



Rollin Ross's Adventure

Although this isn't just a W.A. channel there is some emerging W.A. content so we figure it makes sense to include it on our list of channels to check out.

It is a fairly new channel and needs some subs to help it along so why not pop in and have a look round?



Paul Gunton

I would have to refer to this as a little big channel as it doesn't yet have the number of subscribers it deserves but it sure does have a heap of centent.

Mostly a 4x4 adventure channel it is also known as Perth FourbeeFour Adventures.



Guestys Adventures

A mostly 4x4 channel that has been around for over a year at the time of writing.

Quite a few videos here to check out and dont forget to subscribe as this helps the smaller channels get recognition on You Tube.




This channel has been around for a while but we have only just discovered it.

Content includes 4x4s, fishing, boating, cooking, motorbikes and much more.



Fire to Fork

People who follow Ronny Dahl's channel will certainly know Harry and Harry eventually started producing some content for his own channel.

For a long LOOONG time there was just one solitary video here but over 3000 people had subscribed in anticipation of more to come.

As the name suggests, this channel is about campfire cooking but there is a healthy dose of adventure thrown in.

We highly recommend you check it out.



AUSolo Series

Many people will know Graham Cahill from the very entertaining 4WD Action series. Graham is now filming his solo adventures in W.A. and the results are every bit as good (if not better) then the more commercial shows.

Graham's YouTube channel is called EcoMuse Images.



GQ Warrior (formerly Maverick Offroad)

This was quite a new channel and was adding great content quickly but it has had a name change and all the videos have gone. I don't know if it will come back but the content was good so I am keeping this as a place marker just in case the channel comes back to life.



Intents (formerly Intents Off Road)

If you are into camping and 4 wheel driving then this is a great place to start.

Driving techniques, DIY projects, trip videos, gear reviews, if it is something to do with off road and camping action than Alex (and his brother Jake) have it here. You will even find cooking segments to try out on your next trip into the bush. Jake has also filmed his adventures walking the Bibbulmun Track and the The Munda Biddy bike trail.

There is also an Intents Off Road Facebook page and Alex has a great Website so check that out too.

NOTE: Intents is no longer producing new videos. Alex explains why on the final video. His channel is greatly missed. Maybe one day he will decide to start again. We can only hope.



Ronny Dahl

Ronny's channel has very quickly become the premier 4x4 adventure channel for Western Australia.

You will find trip videos, product reviews, vehicle modifications and more.

These guys go to places we only dream of taking the 'plastic fantastic' (our Prado) but we have hopes of tagging along on one of their slightly more tame adventures one day.

You will see Alex from Intents Off Road in some of Ronny's footage as they get together to travel and film sometimes.

Ronny also runs a photography Facebook page.



Foreman and Wilms Adventures

If you are looking for a great sense of humour, stunning places and great production values then you can't go past Foreman and Wilms.

I can't work out why it took me so long to find this channel but it is obvious that YouTube isn't spending much time helping to promote real quality content.

These guys should have a TV show, seriously, it is that good.

Hop on and subscribe. YouTube channles tend to get much better promotion if they have a lot of subscribers and once you have had a look at what is on this channel, you won't want to miss an episode.

Even though they are now filming in the USA, the stuff they filmed while in W.A. is so good, we just have to include this channel. Everything they do is very entertaining so make sure to check them out.




Andrew St Pierre White has been doing overlanding and filming for many years and it certainly shows in his work.

Very professional and very interesting, you will quickly become a fan of his beautiful cinematic style of shooting.

Andrew is a recent arrival in Western Australia and has filmed all over the world with a heavy emphasis on Africa.

There is now a ton of W.A. content and we just have to include his fantastic YouTube channel on our list of lnks you need to know about.

As with all the YouTube channels listed here, visit, like and subscribe to get all the latest updates.



JJ's Adventures

If you want a mix of motorbike and 4x4 adventures in W.A. then JJ's channel is a great place to visit.

Lots of interesting expeditions to all sorts of places around the state and a few tips and tricks videos thrown into the mix.



Seek Adventure (formerly Michael Sanders)

A 4x4 adventure channel that is a lot of fun to watch. Michael's style is very relaxed and easy-going but his camera work and especially the drone footage is first class.

There are quite a few videos to watch. Michael took a year away from filming but the channel continued to grow and as I am writing this has over 100k subscribers.

NOTE: At the end of 2019, Micheal decided not to keep producing material for the channel but in early 2021 he was back with a video and we do hope that he will upload conent from time to time to keep his growing legion of fans happy.

You can still see all the original great content though, so if you haven't had a look yet, hop on and check it out.



4WD OZ DVD - Laurie Kibblewhite

Laurie has done a huge amount of travelling around W.A. and across Australia.

He sells complete video adventures on DVD but also releases a lot of really interesting stuff on his YouTube channel.

Laurie's adventures are mostly 4x4 and caravan based so they are something a lot closer to what we do rather than some of the more extreme 4x4 adventure channels listed here.



Great Off-Road Adventures - Graham Reinders

You will see Graham on some of Ronny Dahl's videos but he also has a great (and steadily growing) YouTube channel with some great videos to watch.

We seem to be spoiled for choice in W.A. when it comes to 4x4 and outback adventure channels and I for one, couldn't be happier!



Ruts4x4 - Everything offroading in WA

And if you haven't already had a pleasant overload of 4x4 off road avventure channels, there is also Ruts4X4 with a large selection of interesting videos to watch.

We haven't seen anything new on this channel for a while but there is enough content to make it worth subbing to until something new gets uploaded.



Gavin Gillett (formerly SummitX)

At the time of writing, this channel like the one above seems to has stopped uploading content for the moment.

We hope it comes back to life because it already has some great content.

The emphasis is on adventure videos with series on the Canning Stock Route, Pilbara and Kimberley already 'in the bag'.

There are also product reviews and assorted snippets for you to look through.



WA Made Off-Road

This new YouTube page has only recently been launched but their first video really makes an impact.

The filming and production are great and the content is entertaining and fun to watch.

We are really looking forward to seeing more from this page but haven't seen anything for about 12 months now. Hopefully there will be more uploads in the not too distant future.



Mingor - Photos of Western Australia

Gordon spends a lot of time and effort bringing pictures of buildings all over the state to his site. This site in particular is a wonderful companion to our own main website as we cover the many of the same towns. Gordon's pages show individual buildings and tell you much more than we do about each one. You will note that we have links to each other's pages so that you can find out a lot more about all the towns listed.



4WDing Australia

This blog is mostly about Western Australia and contains an absolute heap of information about going off-road in W.A.

Lots of photos, campsite details, tracks, gear, tips and tricks, you name it, it seems to be here with a few videos mixed in.



Dodgy Perth

And now for something completely different...

Dodgy Perth is one of our favourite 'fun' sites about Perth. Lots of tales of dodgy characters and dodgy goings-on in our fair city.

They also have a Facebook page for your entertainment and edification.



All about W.A. Railways

Don Copley's 'The H.O.W.A.R.A.S Website' is all you are ever going to need to know about the railways of Western Australia.

Don has travelled far and wide and if his site doesn't have the info you need about a W.A. railway, then I doubt you will find it anywhere else.

This site is a real example of dedication and long term commitment to a project. What does HOWARAS stand for? 'History of Western Australian Railways and Stations'.


Sadly this site is now off line but the link above will take you to an archived version.


Outback Family History

It's hard to know what to say about this amazing website. Suffice to say that if you are looking for historic information about the Goldfields of W.A. then it is probably on this site somewhere.

Moya Sharp, who operates the site has put together an astounding amount of information and the website is superbly crafted. Moya has even won awards for her work and deservedly so.





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